Speakers are invited to submit papers and posters on the following topics:

Deep personal loss

  • The death of loved one

  • Other separations of loved one

  • Affective expected loss

  • Damage to self-esteem

  • Devaluation of social position

Dying process

  • Cultural and anthropological visions

  • Religious perspectives

  • Historical concepts

 The end of the life

  • The expected death

  • The announced death

  • The traumatic death


Bereavement process

  • Types

  • Impact on the individual, family and community

  • Grief and bereavement theories

Bereavement support

  • Bereavement Counselling

  • Support sessions

  • Self-help groups

Bereavement intervention

  • Bereavement Therapy

  • Bereavement evaluation

  • Monitoring and therapy



Grief and bereavement in children and youth

  • Specifics in the early stages of life 

  • Consequences in school activities

Bereavement and aging

  • Deep losses in the third and fourth ages

  • Bereavement and loneliness

The bereavement of caregivers and interventors

  • Health professionals

  • Bereavement Counsellors and Therapists

  • Civil protection agent

  • The security officer

  • The mortician