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 Dear colleagues and people in general,

 On behalf of Scientific and  Steering Commitees of the Congress "Loss, Grief and  Bereavement in Portugal", I have the honour to invite you to participate in the  5th edition of this event, which will take place in Aveiro, on the 20th and 21st  May 2016. 

The program includes conferences, round tables and workshops, also pre and post Congress on the 19th and 22nd May.

There were invited international speakers, such as Carol Kamaromy and Marina Perez, to communicate perspectives of  bereavement in United Kingdom and Brazil, respectively. National speakers approach in a transversal way, different themes of bereavement, namely, "Bereavement support and Bereavement Counselling" with José Eduardo Rebelo; "Psycopathological grief and grief therapy" with António Barbosa and Carlos Braz Saraiva; "Mourning in arts and culture" with Fátima Albuquerque, Isabel Torres, Carlos Fragateiro e Maria Teresa Roberto; "Urban mournings and  demographics", with Nuno Rosmaninho, José Carlos Mota e Cristina Gomes.

Bereavement in professional areas is also given particular attention at the Congress, with "Aging and bereavement", "Formal and informal mourning in caregivers" and "The mourning of professionals who deal with death". The pre Congress workshops approach "Bereavement sensations", by Ana Luiza Ramalho and "Marital separation. And now?" by Cristina Felizardo. Post Congress workshops cover “Death and dying in adults” by Carol Komaromy and “Death and dying in children” by Deborah Komaromy.

The attractive program of the Congress is not complete without the enrichment of the free comunications presented by a wide number of portuguese and brasilien investigators. This is an unique opportunity to present the results of the works to an audience focused on bereavement, so we encourage the submission of presentations to all that have interest in this area and wish to share their investigation and action in the field.

The period of submission of abstracts is open online, here, as well as registration in the Congress and workshops, with a reduced fee until 6th May.

With my best regards.

José Eduardo Rebelo


 SPEIL - Portuguese Society for Research on Grief and Bereavment Therapy and Counselling considers bereavment as a reaction process to a very diverse range of deep personal losses, such as the permanent or temporary separation of a loved one, the forseen death, damages to one's self-esteem, loss of affective expectations, social devaluation and other psychic affections that eventually can be very prolonged.

Throughout one's life, each person suffers  around fourty significant losses, some   light, others more complex. Such  shows the  common experience of the bereavment and its consequences in individual and social interactions in family, school and professional activities. 


The urgent need to promote scientific debate on grief and bereavment and its application to community interests, as it  has been done for decades in European countries and the USA, leads SPEIL to continue with another edition of the congress "Grief, Loss and Bereavment in Portugal", in collaboration with the University of Aveiro, the Portuguese Observatory for Grief, Loss and Bereavement, and the Space for Grief  bereavement and the Place for Grief, Loss and Bereavment Association.